Equipment, Training Aids and Books used and  recommended by PGA Professional Steve WenPetren

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Balls of Steel: Instantly improve your putting! Learn to deliver the putter to impact with perfect force. This weighted ball demands a stroke that has full energy through the ball... no deceleration and no mis-hits. After a few minutes with the Ball of Steel your stroke will be more compact an solid through the ball. 

360 Mirror for Full Swing & Putting: The 360 Mirror gives you views of all your swing and putting stroke positions without raising up from your address posture... at the speed of light!                         

Practice T Alignment Rod System: Developed with Michael Breed, this tool will help you build the perfect setup. Our premium rods and special cross pieces are made to endure the abuse of riding in your bag; NO bending, cracking, or splinters.                                                                

Target Circles: Specific targets are essential to quality practice. The EyeLine Target Circles come in 3 sizes to create variety of drills.                                                                         

RoboCup Ball Return Robot: RoboCup is an automatic ball return robot that fits in any practice or full-depth cup. It is the only device designed to work on any practice green! It doubles or triples the number of practice putts you can take because it saves you so much time retrieving your shots, as well as, the wear and tear from bending your back.


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